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Marimo moss balls are commonly known as ‘moss ball pets’ as they produce mini spores (babies) in the spring time! While they are called pets, they don’t require feeding. Simply change the water once a week to maintain a healthy environment.  

Each moss ball terrarium features decorative stones, shells and a moss ball.   

Moss Ball Terrarium (Pre-made)

  • Small Moss Ball Terrarium 

    Size – 14cm height glass corked jar 

    1 moss ball (2-3cm) 

    Range of small seashells  


    Medium Moss Ball Terrarium 

    Size – 23cm height glass corked jar 

    3 moss balls (3-5cm) 

    Range of medium and small seashells  


    Large Moss Ball Terrarium 

    Size – 29cm height glass corked jar 

    3 large moss balls (5-7cm) 

    Range of medium and large seashells 

  • Hand delivered - only availalbe in Hitchin & surrounding areas

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