These DIY kits are carefully packaged with all the required materials and tools to create a closed terrarium. Each material has a specific purpose for creating a sustainable environment in a closed terrarium. The selection of tools will also help you to make and maintain your terrarium. 


LIVE Online Tutorial 

What makes Plantiful’s closed terrarium DIY kits unique is the LIVE online tutorial. 


Making a closed terrarium can be overwhelming as there are many materials to use in order to create a healthy ecosystem inside the glass vessel. They also require a specific environment for the plants to thrive. To ensure your closed terrarium is made successfully, Plantiful’s closed terrarium kits include a live online tutorial. I will demonstrate and teach you how to make a closed terrarium step-by-step. I will also provide maintenance tips and answer any questions. 

The online tutorial will run for approximately 30-40 minutes.  

Enclosed in the kit will be a hand written note detailing how to contact me and organise a suitable time for your tutorial.  


DIY Closed Bottle Kit (Guided)

  • Each closed bottle DIY kit includes: 


    - Terrarium glassware (choose from 3 sizes) 

    - Activated charcoal 

    - Potting mix 

    - Sand  

    - Gravel 

    - Fittonia plant 

    - Cushion moss  

    - English ivy 



    - Long tweezers 

    - Pippette 

    - Cork and skewers 

    - Brush